Hello. I'm Ruperto and I'm a designer from the San Francisco Bay Area. I've done in-house graphic/web design. I worked at a few hip and trendy design agencies. I freelanced. I've worked on UI/UX for mobile games. And, I also built and released my own app. These experiences gave me the opportunity to work on a lot of great projects with some talented folks who I learned from immensely. It was fun.

Process is simple. Advocate "Design Thinking." Break it down, then, build it up. Fail fast early, then, try again. Avoid pitfalls with group thinking.

I want to work on emerging technologies, fringe products, and/or disrupting trends. I can design, animate, prototype, and code. I bring creativity, technical know-how, leadership and humor. I consider my style of work as free-form because for most of my career, not one problem, project or team has followed a specific script. And I've always had to adapt my approach, skills, knowledge, and habits as a designer to deliver.

I'm always happy to read a personal message or answer any questions, so feel free to email me@jrfabito.com.


User Experience
Creative Strategy
Creative Execution
Art Direction
Visual Design
Motion Design
Game Development
App Development
Web Development